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Painting since 1986

Since I started in the studio, I’ve seen lots of changes: safer standards (farewell bare-hand acetone washes), the internet (back in the olden-days, we read books and magazines), and, now, technology’s uncanny touch in making art (here’s looking at you, iPad).

Every work in my inventory is an original composition - be it oil, acrylic, digital, or mixed media - and the result of decades of making pictures. Now, with the rapid pace of innovations in design and production, I’ve begun to offer products like textiles, books, and prints fellow artists and dedicated collectors have been asking me for, well, since the ‘80s…

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I’ve stocked bags, books, clothes, home furnishings, handmade originals, archival prints, my favorite supplies, and more just for you.



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For three decades I have been making exhibitions all over the world - I’m always excited to hear what you see!



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